Nova RTR

The Nova RTR integrates galvanized steel walls and an alluring AVANTGARDE wall pattern that incorporates warm tones of Champagne.

An eminent above ground pool, the Nova RTR combines the aesthetics of injection-molded resin with the strength of stee/. The Nova RTR has double coated Zinc Guard 275 steel uprights with top Kote for supreme support. The Nova RTR has a two-piece resin ledgecover and an elegant resin foot cover. It is equipped with a Hayward wide mouth skimmer for exceptional debris filtration. The Nova RTR is proudly manufactured in the USA!


Primary Specs
Round 52" Height 18', 24', 27', 33'


• AVANTGARDE wall pattern, featuring warm tones of champagne.
• 9-inch Dura filled injection-molded resin top ledge.
• Matching printed double coated Zinc Guard 275 steel uprights with top Kote.
• Two-piece resin ledge covers
• Injection-molded resin bottom plates for added stability
• Elegant resin foot cover
• Heavy corrugated wall with superior coatings
• Stainless steel hardware
• Exclusive poly-enamel inside protection
• Easy to assemble
• Hayward wide mouth skimmer
• Made in the USA